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Excel 2010 provides users with a feature called as “delete duplicates”

How to search and delete the duplicate data has become a very important task for data entry people in the daily work, because finding and deleting duplicates can help them improve work efficiency. In Excel, the problem of the duplicate data is encountered frequently by people; and how to rapidly make identification on duplicates has become headaches. Someone say a function is available in excel for users to find and delete duplicates. Due to the repeated entry or paste, duplicate data or record usually exists in Excel worksheets, and how to merge 2 excel spreadsheets can also help users find and solve the duplicates. If the scale of the worksheets is large, duplicates are hard to be found and deleted thoroughly under the guidance of manual search. However, this problem has been definitely solved by Microsoft excel tool, because there is a function in it for you to easily solve the problem. Excel 2010 provides users with a feature called as "delete duplicates", which can quickly delete the duplicate data in the worksheets. The specific operation method is as follows:? click on the "data" tab and hit the button of "delete duplicates", and open a dialog box of finding duplicates; click on the "Ok", and a dialog box will pop up.