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Excel Files Merger


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As we all know, computer has been an important part in our life, both in our daily life and our work. And there are a lot of software in computer for us. Among them, the most usually used is office software, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point and Microsoft Excel and so on.
Here, I want to talk something about the Excel Workbook Merging Wizard. It is fantastic software for all of us. With this application, we can copy all information we need from those multiple Excel Workbooks easily in a very short time into an output workbook. This application is fantastic convenient office facility that can help us to improve the productivity and minimizes those parts we don’t need at one time. Through select those directory in a simply way which contains the Excel Workbooks we hope that we can merge and then the software will sweep quickly and automatically by every workbook. Then you might face another problem. That is you will find that some of your sheet have been named the same name. There is a great way can help you to solve this problem. The wizard will help you automatically that it will deal with all naming conflicts.
So, if you want to have this application to have you copy the information you want from the multiple Excel Workbooks both in a easy and quickly way, you must first install Microsoft Office Excel 2003 or a newer Microsoft software, such as Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5. With this software, then you can take a full use of Excel Workbook Merging Wizard.